Automated communication reimagined

Newsletters are dead; long live newsletters.

Eukles is an automated marketing network driven by your data. Suitable for both marketing- as transactional communications and fully compatible with all your favorite services.

With Eukles your developers provide the data, but your marketing team decides who should receive what and how, aided by our AI optimization tool.

Oh, did we mention we try very hard to comply with GDPR?

What does Eukles do?


Events form the core of the Eukles platform. Your website or platform will need to integrate events in the workflow, logging all potentially marketable actions to your private Eukles platform.

While creating events, Eukles links them up in a smart replication of your datamodel, ready for the marketing team to play around with.


Some mails just have to be sent, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Think about things like password recovery, email validation, ... What if your marketing team could have a go at those, improving the developers copy, without having to learn how to code?

Worried that the marketing team will break something? Mark some parameters as required and Eukles will make sure they are always available.


When should your user receive an email, and when should he receive a push-notification? And should your user really receive an email every time their content gets an up-vote?

Sure, you could write down a set of rules and hand that over to developers, but with Eukles your marketing team decides when your users receive communications.

Developers are reduced to content providers; Eukles decides what goes out.


GDPR is here to stay, so you better listen to what your user wants. User preferences are stored per channel, making sure your vital communications will always reach your clients while marketing-related communications will keep user preferences in mind.

Forcing a hard opt-in for things like newsletters or third-party communications protects your company from hefty GDPR-related claims. If a users doesn't want to receive their weekly notifications, then they just disable that challenge. Don't worry, be happy!


Keep your external Mailchimp or Senduplse lists synchronized with dynamic Eukles segments and keep using the tools you're used to and love. We'll make sure your subjects are dynamically attached- or detached based on opt-ins and segment filters.